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Apex Legends: Escape - every weapon and legend skin in the season 11 battle pass

With Apex Legends: Escape launching today, we're taking you through each weapon and legend skin in the battle pass so you know what you're grinding for.

With Apex Legends: Escape finally here, all of us eager to jump into Storm Point for a fresh season of battle royale goodness are able to chip away at a shiny new battle pass packed with new cosmetics to unlock. To help you figure out just how far you;ll want to work through the season, we’ve created this guide showing off all the new weapon and legend skins coming available.

All the unlockable skins are listed below with links to what they look like. Skins are split between the free and premium battle pass, and each entry has the level requirement entered next to it. This way, you should have no issue figuring out when each new skin can be unlocked.

Without further ado, here are all the new skins coming in the Apex Legends season 11 battle pass:

Free Battle Pass skins

Even if you spend no money at all this season, the Escape update has something set aside for dedicated players. These are:

Premium Battle Pass Skins

The moment you buy the premium battle pass for Apex Legends season 11, you get four skins. These are:

Daily Loot Box Skin Reward

Through collecting loot boxes during season 11, you’re granted 10 stars in the battle pass, plus a bonus skin. That skin is:

Sun Kissed - Epic Eva-8 skin - Once all loot boxes are collected.

Of these skins, which ones do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below! If you want tolearn more about the season 11 update, check out our video showcasing Escape here.

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