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Anthem: Tomb of Yvenia trial chest locations

This chest farming guide doesn't contain any story spoilers, but will touch on mission details, so minor spoiler warning.

If you're trying to complete the Tomb of Yvenia trial, or are just looking to farm some chests, here's where you can find all the chests in Freeplay.

One of the trials requires you to open 15 chests in the Tomb of Yvenia trial.

Chests that drop for completing world events will count can be combined with those found around the map. The larger yellow circles on our map denote where two or more chests can be found in an area. Keep in mind that you need to fly to reach high points and dive down deep into the water to find some of the chests.

Going around the entire route should only take you around half an hour, so you’ll have that door open in no time.

Anthem chest locations

  • Head East from the Freeplay spawn point to find a chest near a turret.
  • At the bottom of the first waterfall, dive down into the water to find the second chest.
  • Fly out of the water and look for a tent; a chest will be on the ledge.
  • Look for another tent in a rocky area to find the fourth chest.
  • Fly North and look for a cliff to find another chest, with another chest at its summit behind a rock.
  • Fly to the Watchtower of Arath and look for a camp to find the next chest.
  • Head towards the bridge and look for chests in the leafy and rocky areas.
  • Fly to the Great Falls Canyon to find a chest in the ruins of a tower.
  • Southeast of that camp, near the water's edge, you should find another chest.
  • Open your map and look at Great Falls Canyon. Head South of the gap between “Great” and “Falls” to find around five chests in the water, in underwater caves and close to the bridges.
  • Now, head towards Vallery of Tarsis. Hug the wall to the West to find a chest.
  • Head North from the bridge where the Sentinels are patrolling to find a cave which houses another chest.
  • Dive into the water under the bridge to find a chest at the bottom.
  • Head towards the East wall and look for another cave, where you’ll find another chest.
  • Head south and dive into the water to find two chests at the bottom.
  • Follow the water South and you’ll see another chest on the floor of the river.
  • Head Southeast and go back on land to find another chest. Cross the river and there should be another chest west of this.

If you find more chests, let us know and we can add it to our list.

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