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Anthem: Here's how to unlock the Legendary Legion of Dawn items and gear

If you're an Origin Access Premier PC player, here's how to get your hands on the Legion of Dawn cosmetics, weapons, and armour.

As Arekkz explains, to get the Legion of Dawn items, you'll have to wait until you've unlocked the cosmetic store, which can be done by collecting three ember pieces for Prospero at Fort Tarsis, after your first mission.

Tab over to Rewards and you'll find your Legion of Dawn items waiting for you.

The Legendary gun, Light of the Legion, is by no means an end-game weapon - despite its rarity - but will see you through up until level 9, according to Alex's video.

The ranger-exclusive Legendary gear piece, Fist of the Mountain, is an Assault Launcher. As with the gun, you're not going to be using it outside of your initial first hours in the game, but it'll be handy up until then.

It's worth noting that people in the comments are saying that you can access the cosmetics store before the quest detailed in the video, but EA's guide to collecting the Legion of Dawn items also mentions completing the Prospero mission first.

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Thanks to EA's convoluted release schedule, the Legion of Dawn items aren't actually available for everyone just yet, which is causing some frustration. They're only available for Origin Access Premier subscribers right now. Everyone else has to wait until February 22.

This has lead to players complaining that by the time they go live for Xbox One and EA Access players who are already playing now with their 10 hour trial, the gear will be useless.

The full game is currently only available for Origin Access Premier PC players, so if that's you, make the most of the LoD items while you can.

Anthem's next release date is on February 22.

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