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EA is taking a beating on Twitter for its Anthem release date chart

EA tweeted a convoluted breakdown of Anthem's various release and demo access dates, and Twitter couldn't wait to call the publisher out on it.

The tweet shared a chart detailing how, why, when, where, and on which plane of existence players would be able to play Anthem and the upcoming demo this weekend.

At first glance it looks more like the solution to a logic puzzle, but includes the dates for the demo, early access, the trial, and the release date.

Perhaps EA was trying to distract players who have pre-ordered the £70 Legion of Dawn Edition from the fact that they won't be getting early access, or a 10 hour trial. Or that Xbox One and PC players with EA/ Origin Access will be getting a 10 hour trial, but only players with Origin Access Premier will be able to unlock the entire game early.

As well as criticising these decisions, Twitter is taking the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at the chart itself, and because we love a bit of well-executed ridicule every now and then, we've picked our favourite replies and gathered them below for your entertainment.

The open demo for Anthem kicks off tomorrow, February 1, at 9AM PT/ 12PM ET/ 5PM GMT. You'll have until February 3, 6PM PT/ 9PM ET, and February 4, 2AM GMT to play. You can find out everything you need to know about the game and the demo in our handy hub.

Anthem launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on *consults chart* February 22. We think.

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