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Anthem crafting materials: where to find Ember, Chimeric Compound and Chimeric Alloy

There are a number of collectables you can find in Anthem, but what do you need them for?

You’ll probably have noticed a few glowing plants and rocks when on your travels in Anthem which you can either destroy or harvest resources from.

You’ll find Ember, Chimeric Compound and Chimeric Alloy from various organic matter when on an Expedition or in Freeplay. You can also find these resources near camps, both friend and foe.

Anthem: where to find Ember

One of the first missions you’re tasked with in Anthem is Lighting A Fire. You need to bring back three Ember to Prospero and then you’ll be able to craft components for your Javelin. It also opens up the microtransaction store so… yay?

Each of the elements varies in Rarity, which influences whether the component you craft will be Common, Uncommon, Epic and so on.

Once unlocked, you can buy these crafting materials from Prospero’s store, find them by dismantling weapons or by looking for resources when out on Expeditions. To craft an item, simply access the Forge and when in the component selection screen, switch to the Craft tab.

You can find blueprints for better gear out in the wild or by completing missions. These blueprints go up to Masterwork rarity at present. Each weapon comes with an associated challenge which, once completed, unlocks the blueprint for a better version of the said weapon. This also applies to Javelin components and gear.

If you're just getting started in Anthem, check out our guides on where to find Challenges and how to pull off deadly Combos.

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