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Anthem hotfix gets rid of useless inscriptions

Anthem received a hotfix overnight to make an important update to the game's loot mechanics.

Less than 24 hours ago, Anthem developer BioWare outlined how it's planning to make loot better in the game. This approach manifests in several ways.

First, the developer is getting rid of useless inscriptions on weapons. A useless inscription is one that doesn't affect the item it rolled on, or the Javelin as a whole. This only applies to future drops, not the loot you already have.

Another part of this is getting rid of common, and uncommon loot for players at level 30, because they're essentially useless at that stage in the game. BioWare is also reducing the crafting cost for Masterwork items.

We initially expected all of these changes to come into the game with the same patch, but the developer is instead releasing the fixes as they're available. Following yesterday's update, which relaxed the tethering timer, another hotfix was released a few hours later.

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This one applies the inscription fix discussed ealier, and the Masterwork crafting cost reduction. It does not, however, remove common, and uncommon gear from the loot pool for high-level players.

This is probably the least pressing part of BioWare's plan, so it makes sense that the developer wanted the most important fixes out the door as soon as they were ready. The rest will likely drop in a new update soon.

We recently updated our Anthem guide with new pages on inscriptions, and a round-up of some standout weapons.

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