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Alan Wake 2 development video introduces enigmatic FBI Agent Saga Anderson

Go behind the scenes.

Saga Anderson, of Alan Wake 2, looks perturbed in the setting sun of a mountain township.
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Remedy has released a development video taking you behind the scenes of Alan Wake 2, and the focus is on the playable character agent Saga Anderson.

This is the first development episode, and it not only discusses the co-protagonist but takes you to the primordial forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Alan Wake 2 – Behind The Scenes | Introducing Saga AndersonWatch on YouTube

Saga Anderson is a profiler for the FBI and has a reputation for solving impossible cases with unexpected leaps of logic. Saga differs from Alan Wake, but both are critical parts of the story and are connected in multiple ways.

A newcomer when it comes to the supernatural lore in Alan Wake’s world, Saga is used as a point-of-view character to lead new players into the universe. But being able to play as Saga also offers depth for returning players to the series.

In the game, you can play as Alan or Saga in two separate single-player stories, played in any order chosen. Both can fight enemies using firearms and a flashlight while exploring various locations such as Bright Falls, the town of Watery, and the Dark Place, an alternate dimension.

Set 13 years after Alan Wake went missing, the FBI has sent agent Saga Anderson to Bright Falls to investigate a string of ritualistic murders. There, she finds herself caught up in a supernatural horror story that was written by Wake in the hopes he can escape his captivity.

Alan Wake 2 will be made available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on October 17. Remedy will support the game after its release with both free content as well as two paid expansions: Night Springs and the Lake House.

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