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Warzone 2.0 is out. Console players, please mute your mics

I don't want to hear you smoking your bong and ignoring your baby in the gulag, bro.

Warzone 2.0 is out at last, so if you're reading this you've already probably jumped in and started grinding guns, exploring Al Mazrah, and fighting for dubs. However, amid this excitement, community members have flooded online to urge others to turn their mic off, as the sound of crying babies, deep breathing, and arguing with loved ones is worsening the experience.

This is a complaint largely aimed towards console players. As the PC community is largely used to push-to-talk and the issues around a hot mic, it’s those on consoles, specifically the PS5 strangely enough, who appear to be the biggest source of guilty parties.

Check out the launch trailer for Warzone 2.0 here!

But first, a detailed breakdown of the problem. In Modern Warfare 2 and indeed Warzone 2, you can communicate with other players via voice chat. Nothing extraordinary there, but since the PS5 controller has a built in mic that is automatically enabled upon booting up the console, this means players have been jumping into MW2 games blaring awful rap, eating the crunchiest of crisps, and slurping their gamer drinks right into everyone’s ears. Also, if they’re playing game audio through their TV, the PS5 pad picks that all up.

As you can imagine the response has been legendary. A quick trip to the Reddit shows a huge waves of memes and complaints on the issue. Some have tried to help their comrades, creating guides on how to mute their PS5 DualSense mics. Others are talking trash, making note of players whose voices echo in furnitureless rooms and the chorus of loud noises blowing up their eardrums.

“I mean, this is pretty much the answer to every single conversation about, ‘why does nobody use game chat anymore?’” writes user Preston801 on Reddit. “The only thing missing from the list is shitty rap or metalcore music blaring into the mic, while the mouth breather tokes on his bowl.”

As bad as this is for MW2 multiplayer, it’ll morph into a rarer, and funnier, issue once Warzone 2.0 goes live. Thy reason why? Proximity chat. When you run into a player in Al Mazrah, you’ll be able to here them speak down their mic, sometimes before you hear them. This in combination the the classic post-kill mic which lets hear a killed player’s salty response is sure to be glorious.

So, before you boot up Warzone 2.0 tomorrow, make sure that mic is muted. And, if you hear a crying baby in the streets and ocean fronts, get your gun out and start looking around for a negligent father.

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