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Added value or rip-off: how do you feel about Star Wars Battlefront's $50 Season Pass?

Content-stretching or responsible pricing?

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Has season pass culture gone too far? Where once you bought a game, finished it then bought another, today's releases don't stop costing you money at launch. The latest example is Star Wars: Battlefront, reviews of which went live today.

If you want Battlefront in its entirety, buying the game this week is just the start. Unless you pony up a minimum of $49.99/£39.99 extra for the Season Pass, you won't get access to the following:

  • Over 20 new pieces of galactic tech including weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards for both Rebels and Imperials
  • Four more heroes and villains
  • 16 additional multiplayer maps featuring new locations
  • Four new game modes
  • Two-week early access to each expansion pack
  • “Shoot First” emote

This is hardly new (Battlefield games, in particular, have been selling multiplayer content like this for years), but do you think it's fair? If the base game is $60 and the Season Pass is $50, aren't you just paying $110 for the full game? Is EA being honest about its pricing? Do you think you should get all the content provided by the Season Pass in the original release, or do you believe the additional content is just that: extra levels and items over and above the correctly priced initial game?

Is Battlefront's Season Pass a rip-off or added value? Let us know. Let EA know. Let the world know below.

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