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Battlefield 4: Premium Xbox One refunds being issued by Microsoft

Battlefield 4: Premium customers unhappy with DICE's Second Assault DLC and the performance of the shooter's multiplayer service have successfully applied to Microsoft for a full refund.

The refunds were discussed over on the Battlelog forum. At present a Battlefield 4: Premium subscription will run you £39.99, and that gives players access to all DLC releases, including the timed Xbox One exclusive pack Second Assault.

Gamers on the forum successfully applied to Microsoft Support for a full refund, but found their Premium membership had been revoked afterwards. It's unclear if the money is coming back from Microsoft directly or EA, but Eurogamer's attempts to get either party talking about the matter have failed to bear fruit.

Sony has also remained quiet on whether or not it will honour similar refunds on PS3 or PS4.

Meanwhile, could this mysterious 'Phantom Prospect' secret in Battlefield 4 hint at a Megalodon shark on the game's Paracel Storm map? We're not sure, but the evidence is mounting.

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