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Battlefield 4: hidden 'Phantom Prospect' assignment appears, this video explains what it is

Battlefield 4: China Rising adds a new, hidden assignment into the mix that leads players to a strange boot-up screen for something called the Phantom Prospect. The internet has dug up a wealth of clues on the matter already, those clever people.

YouTuber MattTheMusketeer has shared a video with us detailing how you gain access to the Phantom Project screen. It's above.

You'll find a strange skull logo in the leaderboard section of Battlelog page called Phantom Prospect that, when selected, enters you into a screen similar to a PC boot-up process. If you enter the password 'bumpinthenight' the boot begins and you unlock the assignment.

Then, if you get 200 kills with an assault rifle, 200 kills with a main battletank and a 300 meter head-shot. You must also have played on Premium. Doing all of these assignments will unlock a new dog-tag.

Now then, we know that the boot screen initiates you into the Phatom Program, and that 'Prospect' is a term used for potential initiates into a group or organisation. Does completing these objectives grant you access to a program of new assignments? Will there be another Phantom assignment soon?

jackfrags - via MP1st - reckons it has something to do with a giant Megaldon shark in the seas of map Paracel Storm. Just watch this video to find out his reasoning. it's actually insane how players figured this out

Let us know what you think below.

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