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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 officially joins EA Access

EA has officially added Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to the EA Access vault.

The EA Access vault, available on Xbox One, is a collection of EA games accessible to subscribers. You can download and play those games without any limits for as long as you are a member.

EA constantly expands the vault, and the latest addition was actually spoiled ahead of time. That being Star Wars: Battlefront 2, of course, which has been showing up in players' vaults for two weeks now.

That appears to have been a soft launch, and the game has now officially launched for all EA Access members. Usually, Origin Access follows a few days after, but EA has yet to announce plans for the PC's equivalent service. Premier members obviously have access to everything.

Now is an interesting time to jump into Battlefront 2. The game recently received a big content update, which added playable Obi-Wan, Geonosis, and more Clone War-era content.

To download it, just head over to the EA Access hub on your Xbox One.

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