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38 Studios to reveal Project Mercury during Comic Con panel


The official Comic-Con website has posted the panel schedule for July 22-25  convention, and included on the list is the world premiere of 38 Studios' Project Mercury.

The panel discussion takes place on July 22 and features studio founder Curt Schilling, art director Todd McFarlane, author R. A. Salvatore and the game's designer Ken Rolston revealing the actual game title along with the first trailer for it.

Former-NOA vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Kaigler, joined 38 Studios back in April as its as chief marketing officer, but it was not revealed whether she would present at Comic Con or not.

Project Mercury is an RPG to be published by EA upon release and is so far  slated for PC, but previous rumblings suggest it could hit PS3 as well.

The game's based on the firm's Copernicus MMO, which is for December 2010 according to reports.

A release date for Project Mercury has never been determined, but hopefully the  Comic Con showing will provide a release window.

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