Star Citizen gameplay video has some slick first-person shooting footage

Star Citizen might be about space, but the combat is looking remarkably polished.

Space headlines

  • Have another short look at some Prey gameplay

    A short gameplay video for Prey has been released by Bethesda.

  • Galak-Z just got some free DLC

    Sci-fi shooter Galak-Z has been updated with its free ‘Season 5’ DLC pack, which adds ‘The Void’.

  • Third No Man's Sky trailer takes a look at Trading, collecting resources

    We have another No Man’s Sky video for you today, and this one focuses on Trade.

  • Black Prophecy: Gamigo addresses the community in a 'state of play' letter

    Gamigo board-member, Patrick Streppel, has issued an open and optimistic letter on the forum of free-to-play space combat MMOG Black Prophecy, outlining the game’s progress and future updates.

  • Garriott goes into space

    As reported by the BBC, Richard Garriott blasted off in the Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft in Kazakhstan yesterday and is now in space. He’ll be on the International Space Station for the next ten days. Garriott paid £15 million for the trip, and is only the sixth civilian to ever go into orbit. More through the […]

  • Next Tabula Rasa update to include "eagerly awaited" spy class features

    The next major content update for Tabula Rasa is to include “eagerly awaited” features for the MMO’s spy class, lead designer Paul Sage has told VG247. “The team is working on many varied projects; our release schedule for new content is at about every three weeks right now,” said Sage. “I would say the team’s […]

  • Garriott "busy" with "several months" of Russian space training

    Richard Garriott – most recently the development lead for MMO Tabula Rasa – is currently training in Star City, a highly restricted facility just outside Moscow, where cosmonauts have been trained since the 60s. “Richard is currently in Russia, training for his flight later in the year, when he will be travelling to the International […]

  • Codies MMO revealed as Jumpgate

    Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. NetDevil’s Jumpgate MMO has been signed to Codemasters Online Gaming (COG), according to this. Sources had confirmed that the MMO to be revealed at Connect 2008 in Birmingham, UK, next month was set in space. Looks like there’s no guessing any more. Our German isn’t so great, […]