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New DLC-sized Starfield mod finally lets you build giant mechs and transforms outposts into "an immersive space colonization simulator"

"Land on any world and build your own empire", with help from some big metal things.

A mech in Starfield and one of the mod's colonies.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/TankGirl444 on Nexus Mods.

After years of Starfield players lusting after the idea of actually being able to do something with mechs in the game aside from staring at the broken ones that dot a lot of the ruins in the Settled Systems, a new mod will finally let you build some of your own. It does far more than that though, seeking to totally overhaul the game's entire outpost system.

Yup, just as we're all up to our knees in Fallout TV Show hype and busy checking out the array of other cool stuff that's happening in that Bethesda franchise's community this month, a modder has quietly decided to put out what's certainly the most ambitious mod for the game I've seen this year. You just never know what people are cooking, I guess.

The mod in question (thanks, IGN), is TankGirl444's 'TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse'. What does it do? Well, I'll let them explain.

"This mod is meant to be a comprehensive rethink/change/addition to the outpost system, its production systems, and many other aspects," the modder writes, "The idea is to turn the outpost system into an immersive space colonization simulator, using elements from the game's core lore and story."

So, what does that look like? Well, TankGirl444 has made a bunch of "new fully constructed buildings that are prefabricated and buildable", with several of these having functions within your settlements, such as a Chunks franchise (yes, you read that right) that can earn you credits, and classic sci-fi style bio-domes. The latter will let you "bring a slice of any biome [you] enjoy to any world [you're] on". So, plant lovers rejoice.

Alongside that, there's a "full farming system" that lets you "farm, craft, and sell new fruits and veggies", in addition to keep livestock. Farmville, eat your heart out. To make sure there's an actual populace to feed, the mod allows you to hire, build or recruit civilians, soldiers, and colonists for your colony.

Though, for those of us who aren't really into Old MacDonald roleplay, the biggest inclusion is that "mechs are now craftable and added to outpost defenses", so you can add something that looks like it committed some atrocities in the Colony War to your existing array of turrets and the other security measures included in the mod.

These new defenses range in power from "mid-sized" to "superweapon", with TankGirl444 suggesting you might want to avoid building anything too strong of you're worried about not ending up with OP protectors lording over you.

They also seem to suggest they've got plenty of other additions and features planned for the mod once Starfield's elusive creation kit finally arrives, so there's another reason to keep an eye out for that.

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