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Xbox Series S only has 364GB of storage available for games

The Xbox Series S will only have 364GB of space for players to store their games on, a new report suggests.

According to a Reddit user that claims to have come into possession of Microsoft's budget-friendly, digital-only console ahead of its formal November 10 launch, roughly 148GB of the console's 512GB SSD is taken up by operating system files (thanks, VGC).

We've previously seen similar reports for the other upcoming next-gen consoles; it's believed that the PlayStation 5 has 664GB of useable storage space, and we know that the Xbox Series X would give users 802GB of storage space to use for their games and apps.

When compared to the other consoles, then, it's not really surprising that a hefty chunk of the SSD is taken up with system files.

Microsoft has noted that game file sizes will be a little smaller on the Series S than they are on the Series X, suggesting games will weigh in approximately 30% smaller on the budget console.

That's because of the Xbox Series S' inability to output at 4K – as a result, game file sizes can be made smaller since they don't have to include higher-resolution textures on so on for the console.

The Xbox Series X and S consoles both launch on November 10. Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s brand new hardware can be found right here.

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