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Xbox's big meeting reportedly included a surprising amount of Palworld, because "Every screen is an Xbox"

Staff have also allegedly been making jokes about Xbox doing a handheld.

Some Pals making guns in Palworld alongside the Xbox logo.
Image credit: VG247/Xbox/Pocketpair

Good news, that special Xbox podcast that’ll see Phil Spencer and co give us all an update on the console maker’s future plans is set to take place later today, February 15. As you’d expect, Microsoft staff were given their own update last week, via a meeting which reportedly included enough Palworld to genuinely surprise people.

We’d already heard a few snippets about what went down at this townhall, with the main one being that Xbox doesn’t have any plans to stop making video game boxes. Now though, Inverse’s Shannon Liao has reported some more details about what went on, and how Xbox staffers reacted to the things their bosses outlined.

According to Liao’s report, the meeting featured Palworld being shown off via a huge range of different devices, to the extent that staff were apparently genuinely surprised to see so much of the game. Why, you ask? Well, it was reportedly part of a plan to demonstrate one of the things Xbox president Sarah Bond told those in attendance, this being that: “Every screen is an Xbox.”

That definitely sounds like the kind of catchy slogan big corporations love to whip out at a moment’s notice and maybe slap on the side of a building or two if they’ve got the funds. Liao cites sources that say it basically means two things, that Xbox does plan to do a bit more existing across multiple devices and that the goal of this will be to eventually become the top dog when it comes to cross-platform gaming.

Xbox staff are also said to have been joking about the idea of Xbox making its own handheld, something that’s been the subject of plenty of recent rumours - hello, Phil Spencer’s liked tweets - even if it seemingly wasn’t explicitly confirmed at this internal meeting, based on what’s been reported to this point.

Hopefully that special podcast we’re getting later today will help shed more light on what exactly Xbox’s future plans look like, so make sure to stay tuned for the coverage of it we’ll have going up as it unfolds.

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