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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight levelling guide - how to hit level 70 fast

Want to get to 70 quick? Here's our Dragonfight levelling guide!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been out for a day, which obviously means there’s one question on people’s minds: how do I hit level 70 as fast as possible?

It’s true that for many its the max level content that means the most, so knowing how to approach the levelling experience with that in mind is key. Our Dragonflight levelling guide will take you through some important tips to get your to level 70 fast.

Even if you’re not too fussed on going through quickly the first time round, knowing how to efficiently push to 70 is useful if you want to get any alts to max level in the future.

You can check out the new Dragonflight cinematic here, if you haven't seen it yet!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight levelling guide

While you can just hit the docks of the new continent in Dragonflight and start rushing through quests, doing so without much care for the buffs and boosts you can gain can waste a lot of time. There are several small but crucial tips that can tighten the whole experience up.

Turn War Mode On

Before you even step foot on the Dragon Isle, head over to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and turn War Mode on. This increases your XP gain by 10-15% killing mobs and completing quests. When you’re approaching a levelling marathon, that sort of percentage increase is hugely important if you want to blast through each zone in good time.

Make use of rested bonus

Another XP increase buff, rested XP is gained by logging out in an inn or major city, and vastly increases the experience you gain from killing mobs out in the world.

You don’t get too much rested XP unless you’re logged off for a decent chunk of time, so it’s only really relevant when you’re logging off for the night or before work, but a few hours of rested XP can make a decent dent into a level. So don’t forget!

Do your dungeons

Doing dungeons can provide a major injection of xp, which when combined with dungeon quests you pick up in the world is quite the bump in any level between 60 and 70. If doesn’t take too long to do, especially if you’re a healer or tank and can get into a group quickly. We recommend heading straight into a dungeon as soon as you get a quest for it, as the reward in experience is well worth the tiem ivnestment.

Complete bonus objectives when you come across them

While completing the main campaign quests you’ll occasionally come across a bonus objective, indicated but a yellow outline around a certain area and a world quest style progress bar next to where your quests are tracked on your UI.

When completed, bonus objectives provide a good amount of gold and a sizable quantity of XP. They’re always present alongside quests, so we recommend focusing on the quests first, then wrapping up the bonus objective before you move onto the next questing area. These all, when completed, really add up. Don’t skip them!

Quest in groups, if you can

While the XP you gain from killing mobs can add up to a decent amount, the majority of progress towards a level will be made through quest XP. This isn’t reduced by being in a party, so having some extra hands that can help kill mobs and take down bosses save time. Levelling with friends is always faster.

It also lets you quickly take on group quests, tricky fights that often provide the best XP reward out of all the quests available. Do these whenever they find them, and you’ll shoot up in levels in not time.

That concludes our Dragonflight levelling guide! For another guide on Dragonflight, we’ve got a brief explainer on the new Dragonflight professions. For news, we covered the frustrating Dragonflight launch experience with long loading screens and broken zeppelins.

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