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What are Destiny: Rise of Iron's mysterious new Exotics, events, and social space "rituals"?

There's more coming in Destiny: Rise of Iron than just a bit of landscape and a raid.

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Destiny is the focus of intense interest right now because we're all agog to learn more about Rise of Iron. Bungie has been pretty tight-lipped so far; it's given us a brief outline of what content is coming, but little to no detail.

So when will we learn more? As discussed by Arekkz in the video above, Bungie has promised to make some meaningful information drops throughout northern summer, as opposed to the pretty vague comments we've heard so far.

One outlet that was lucky enough to get some solid answers out of Bungie recently is Playboy. Although we're still short on fine detail, the interview provided some interesting new intel.

For one thing, the new social space on Felwinter Peak will apparently include "rituals" of some sort. I wonder whether that means something as mystical as it sounds or just something similar to your Tower check-in routines of post office, Cryptarch and Gunsmith?

The interview also confirmed events along the lines of Sparrow Racing League and Crimson Days will make a return, and that a new infusion system is incoming - so you should be able to bring all your favourite gear up to spec.

Finally, to nobody's surprise, new Exotics are inbound - and it sounds like we may see more Black Spindle-like Exotic quests, too.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches in September for PS4 and Xbox One.

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