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Watch Dogs multiplayer sounds interesting

Ubisoft has posted a few more details on what to expect from Watch Dogs multiplayer.

Basically, players will hack into each other's devices in either a cooperative or competitive manner. Everyone playing Aiden in their game, can hack into another player in the multiplayer portion of the world.

Granted, as stated before, there are no queues or menus to this portion, you are just meandering along in the city and get hacked.

The various tech and surveillance devices at your disposal in the game can stop the hacking, return the hacking favor, or help you find the person and hunt them down. You decide how to approach it. Should you hunt the hacker down in order to dispatch of them, the character won't look like another Aiden to you, but an ordinary AI in the game.

All successful hacks will be shown through your notoriety in the game world, and it's optional. You don't have to participate in MP if you don't want to just like anything else, but is does sound like a rather interesting take.

The companion app, which is coming with the game's release, also introduces competitive mode, in which a player can hinder to help Aiden. It will look exactly like the phone in the game, giving the player control of the city.

Competitive multiplayer won't affect player notoriety in the game, and the player will be given objectives to complete while the player on the companion app plays the role of the police.

It all sounds interesting and Ubisoft said it plans on detailing it more in the future as well as discussing more modes in the works.

You can read up more on the game's multiplayer through the Ubisoft Blog and Shacknews. You can also find out more on the game through Catherine's piece here.

Watch Dogs hits PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 on November 19 in the States, and November 22 across Europe.

New screenshots are below.

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