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Warzone 2.0's loot system has players stumped and frustrated already

Numerous complaints are flooding online? Is there substance here? Or just salt?

Warzone 2.0 has a new looting system, thanks to an expanded backpack feature that offers greater space and as such looting options when you manage to kill someone or come across something tasty lying around Al Mazrah. The question on some players’ minds — is it too complicated?

This comes only a day since the launch of Warzone 2.0, as the community runs around and plays with the habits fostered thanks to two-plus years of the original Warzone and its frantic and hasty looting system. Whereas before items from dead opponents erupted onto the floor, you now need to dig through their bags to access all their loot.

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Here’s an example. Posted on the Warzone reddit by user GimmeDatBredittor, we can see a tense gun fight conclude with the victor opening their new spoils. They initially misclick the loot they want, shooting off bullets and accidentally closing the loot menu. They then have to go back in and try and grab what they want, but before they can a third party rushes down and takes them out.

One of the biggest problems argued by a portion of online players is time. Rather than having all the loot dropped in front of you for a quick grab, you need to dig through a menu to determine what they have, and what you want. This ultimately will come down to a difference of seconds, but with such a hectic PvP environment as found in Warzone 2.0, that often can make the difference.

That plus the fact that the menu takes up your entire screen leads to a lengthy period of sensual deprivation for some players. Sifting through bags, unable to see what’s going on, opens you up for kills. In MW2’s new DMZ mode this makes sense. It’s a slow paced aspect of the game that fits into an overall slower, more tactical experience. But in Warzone 2.0, when any stoner can rush through doorways at a million miles per hour, it’s precious time wasted.

Although, let's not hold up the example post as a total victim of the system. A misclick is a misclick, and while it sure may be annoying to be booted out, it’s not like they were grabbing plates or the gun (that by the way, drops outside of the bag meaning you can quickly snatch weapons off the floor). They were dead regardless. Only a quick loot and dash could have saved them.

As pointed out by user Unkoalafeid, opening the pack has a quick auto loot option that allows you to instantly snatch the armour, cash, and ammo. A quick option for those in the mood for a dine and dash approach to post gun-fight rewards reaping.The option is there, but nonetheless complaints are numerous, especially in situations where multiple sources of loot are stacked near each other. As one user notes: “Half the time I don't know what I'm picking up and what's in my inventory, it's overwhelming and counterintuitive.”

Maybe this problem will evaporate in the coming weeks, as players get used to the new system. But for now, the rigorous debate around whether nor not it’s good, let alone an improvement on the old system, rages on. Let us know below what you think. Have you died thanks to the new looting system?

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