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Warframe's Fortuna update The Profit Taker launches on PS4 and Xbox One today

Warframe's open-world Venus update Fortuna is getting an expansion with the release of The Profit Taker.

The Fortuna DLC launched last year, adding a ton of new content to the game, including a new faction, missions, bounties, a new Warframe, and more.

The Profit Taker followed on PC in December, and is finally available on console today.

It's most notable addition is the new boss, the Orb Mother, and you'll get a helping hand in the fight with the ability to upgrade your Archweapons with the Gravimag which you can now do for any mission.

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Baruuk, the new pacifist Warframe, has four abilities: Elude lets you dodge projectiles but only when not attacking, Lull puts a sleep effect on enemies with the added bonus of leaving them "confused and disoriented" when they wake up, Desolate Hands sends out explosive homing daggers, and Serene Storm kicks in when Baruuk's Restraint wears down.

"Baruuk commands the Desert Wind to deliver powerful radial strikes with his fists and feet. Each moment commanding the storm restores his Restraint."

You'll be able to upgrade and further customise your Operator with new Amps and hairstyles, and save the local fauna using the three new Echo Lures available.

You can check out the finer details of the update here.

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