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Vampire Survivors is getting its first DLC next week

Meet the Moonspell clan.

The first DLC for Vampire Survivors will be released on December 15.

Titled Legacy of the Moonspell, it introduces a new stage, characters, monsters, weapons, and some "hidden mysteries."

Vampire Survivors coming to Xbox

In the DLC, the Moonspell clan in the eastern lands is overrun by hordes of yokai and oni. This "hive of spectral activity" may provide a clue as to the location of a vampire.

Eight new characters are included with the DLC. These include Miang Moonspell, the last disciple of the Moonspell Clan, Moonspell elder Menya Moonspell, the exiled practitioner of new moon dark magic Syuuto Moonspell, and Babi-Onna, who has returned from the dead to seek vengeance on demons and mortals.

The new weapons include the staff Silver Wind, a set of orbs called the Four Seasons, Summon Night, and the kimono Mirage Robe.

The new stage is Mt. Moonspell is a large map featuring several different environments, all with new challenges and resident monsters. It includes an abandoned castle, a snow-covered mountain, a yokai-infested village, and more.

Six new music tracks are also included.

Coming December 15, the DLC will run you $1.99 on PC and Xbox.

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