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Valhalla Game Studios enlists help of Score Studios for Devil's Third

Valhalla Game Studios has announced it's brought in Tokyo-based developer Score Studios to help development of Devil's Third.

The developer's previously been involved in iOS titles like Flock! It.

"We are of course immensely excited by this opportunity," said CEO and co-founder, James Kay.

"Devil's Third is already shaping up to be an excellent title and we at Score Studios are working hard to help bring it to market!"

Score CTO Paul Caristino said on the deal: "We are bringing our extensive experience and development sensibilities to the mix, working alongside Valhalla's already excellent team to bring Mr. Itagaki"s latest designs to fruition.

"What we got from this partnership with Score Studios is quite valuable. This is something to ensure that future players of Devil's Third will be able to enjoy it greatly," added Valhalla boss Tomonobu Itagaki.

Devil's Third, Valhalla's first title since it was formed by Itagaki last year, will be published by THQ, and will release in 2012 for PS3 and 360.

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