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Ubisoft Reflections hiring for Watch Dogs development

Guess which UK developer is working on Ubisoft's hot new IP? And needs more staffers to do it? Yes, it's the one in the headline.

"Reflections has been attentively watching the reaction to Watch Dogs at E3," Ubisoft Reflections general manager Giselle Stewart told GamesIndustry in a statement.

"The studio is very excited to be working with Ubisoft Montreal on this new IP, and is currently expanding its Newcastle-based team developing for the title. We have openings available for talented creative directors, senior gameplay programmers and experienced GUI artists."

A spokesperson told Develop reports the Newcastle studio expects to make around 25 hires, joining a team of over 100.

Watch Dog is slated for 2013 release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Ubisoft has not confirmed what aspect of the game Reflections will handle.

Ubisoft has seriously embraced a cross-studio development model, with three or four teams working on each of its major franchises, and flagship studio Ubisoft Montreal apparently primarily responsible for everything under the sun. Reflections has contributed to Far Cry 3 in addition to its own most recent release, Driver San Franciso.

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