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Turn 10 chats about developing something other than a racer


Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt has chatted a bit about what sorts of games the developer would make should it deviate away from racing.

Speaking with Joystiq, Greenawalt states that while the teams likes other games, for the time being, cars are where it's at for 'em.

"You know, we've actually looked at quite a few things. This team's got a ton of passion for real cars and we've also got a ton of passion for games," he said. "I can't seem to stop playing Arkham Asylum right now. And a lot of us lost ourselves in Fallout 3 before that. Obviously we're a studio of huge gamers; we also love cars.

"I think in truth, if we were going to deviate from kind of real-world license racing genre, I think at that point the sky is the limit on what we would do. Would we go towards a more open-world game? Would we go towards an action game? I don't know but I think in a lot of ways if we deviate from our core passion – which is the licensed cars that we see in our parking lots and we drove as kids and we want to drive – once we go away from that I think we just become passionate gamers and high caliber developers and we'd want to look at making just a different kind of genre entirely.

"I'm not saying that's actually what we've been planning. Right now we've been shipping this game and we'll look into what we'll do next. But the truth is, there's been no investigation along those lines."

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