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Treyarch focused on single-player replayability in Black Ops 2

Mark Lamia has admitted recent Call of Duty games have had relatively short solo campaigns, thus, he and his team at Treyarch plan to add a depth of replayability to the single-player portion of the game.

Speaking with The Guardian, the studio head said replayability was one of the reasons the team added branching storylines and new paths to take so players would want to go back.

"There is something that multiplayer has, but the campaign hasn't had so much of: replayability," said Lamia. "If you look at the Strikeforce levels, and you look at us going after choice and sandbox gameplay, what it does is put replayability inside the campaign.

"Look at the branching storylines: all these things, I believe, will drive people who enjoy the campaign experience to go back and play it again, because you're going to have some new paths that you didn't experience, or even in the case of Strikeforce levels, levels that you didn't even play: it's possible that you might not play all the Strikeforce levels on your first play-through. And then there are the story-endings.

"I think the goal at the highest level from a design perspective was accessibility plus depth of gameplay plus replayability. To me, for a campaign, that's the Holy Trinity."

You can read the entire interview through the link.

Black Ops 2 is expected in November on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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