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Tretton: Heavy Rain will sell "incredibly well"

Heavy Rain 3

SCEA president Jack Tretton has said he expects Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain to sell "incredibly well".

Speaking with Fast Company, the exec said: "I spent 25 years in this industry, and it's rare you see a game that sells incredibly well and that impresses you.

"But when you go, 'Wow! That's the type of game I've never seen before!' And I think Heavy Rain falls into that category. I don't even now how to classify it or describe it.

"I read a review that said it's the next stage of reading the book. You don't have to be a gamer at all. I think if you read a book, unless you read the chapters in reverse order, the story is pretty much going to be the same.

"But with Heavy Rain, depending on what you do, you are going to get a different outcome every time."

Heavy Rain releases for PS3 in the UK today after earlier releases in the week in the US and mainland Europe.

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