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The Witcher social media throws Liam Hemsworth under the bus

Marketing across the globe seems to highlight Henry Cavill over the new face of Netflix's The Witcher.

Split image of Liam Hemsworth and Henrey Cavill
Image credit: VG247 / Netflix / Today

Netflix's season 3 of The Witcher is pushing hard on social media to get people to watch the hottest batch of new episodes. However, in doing so, it looks like new star Liam Hemsworth is taking a back seat to Henry Cavill.

Just one look at recent posts from the show's official Twitter account shows a collage of Cavill-centered real-world marketing. These ads, light shows that display Witcher promotion on the side of famous landmarks, point out that Henry Cavill is still featured in the latest season.

"Yes, he's still Geralt in season 3," is literally up in lights across the world. This says a lot about the current peculiar place the show has found itself in. Henry Cavill is beloved, and in the role of Geralt, he faithfully brought the character to life and garnered silver screen popularity over the past few years. It's no leap to say that he, alongside co-stars Anya Chalotra, Fraya Allen, and Joey Batey, became core to the appeal of the show.

However, the reality is that Cavill is no longer core to the show. Following his departure at the tail end of 2022, a lot of energy has been expensed reassuring fans and hyping up Liam Hemsworth. But at this point, with part one of the show's third season out now, you've got to assume more effort should be spent politely phasing him out.

Just a look at the comments to the aforementioned post highlights the confusion and frustration of the situation. "The fact that they have to remind people that he's still on it just so they will tune in absolutely says it all about where this series is heading," writes Twitter user Gregson Arsenal. "What will they do next season?" This sentiment is shared among many a commentator, mourning the loss of an actor who in their eyes is Geralt.

Whether or not his eventual absence from the show will have a negative or positive impact remains to be seen, as episodes continue to be rolled out over the coming weeks. Either way, here's hoping that once Hemsworth gets the limelight in his new role, he gets a bit more love.

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