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The Witcher: Blood Origin teaser features lots of stabbing, slashing, and magic

Come on, December.

Netflix has released a new teaser for The Witcher: Blood Origin, the four-part prequel to The Witcher series.

Set in an elven world 1,200 years before the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, the prequel tells of the creation of the prototype Witcher and the events that led to the pivotal Conjunction of the Spheres when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.

The Witcher: Blood Origin - Official Teaser

This collision created rifts of different realms bringing with it a force known as chaos or magic. The event also displaced many native races, unable to fight off so many dangerous creatures.

The mini-series will also show how the Continent, once dominated by elves and untouched by man's colonization, was a "thriving society" filled with numerous kingdoms. It was a technically advanced era in magic and science, yet while enlightened, it also had its fair share of problems due to being a hierarchical society. Residents were either "highborn or lowborn,” and this form of racism and specie-ism was prevalent.

Blood Origin will follow the history of the elves' collapse through the eyes of three heroes named Scian, Eile, and Fjall, portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown, and Laurence O’Fuarain, respectively. Out for vengeance of one sort or another, the story will cover the perspectives of their enemies as well.

Minnie Driver will also star in the short series as Seanchai, a shapeshifting storyteller who can travel between worlds and times. Mirren Mack will play princess Merwyn, and Lenny Henry stars as Chief Sage Balor, the king's right-hand man.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will air on Netflix December 25.

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