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How to get the Grandmaster Feline Gear in The Witcher 3

Here's where to find all six Grandmaster Cat School diagrams in The Witcher 3.

If you want Geralt to be feline fighting fit, then The Witcher 3's Grandmaster Feline Gear set should be on your radar. Like The Witcher 3's other high-level gear sets, you need to find diagrams for each piece and then a master craftsman to bring them to life.

It's more than worth the trouble, though. The Grandmaster Feline Armor increases Geralt's stamina regeneration, which means he can fight longer without having to make a strategic retreat. Without further ado, here's how to get the Grandmaster Feline Gear in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Feline Gear Diagram Locations

The Grandmaster Feline Gear is a light armor set that allows for increased armor and stamina regeneration while equipped in The Witcher 3. Additional stat bonuses are applied when wearing three or six pieces of the set at once. The stat bonuses are as follows:

  • 3/6 Equipped Pieces - Strong attacks increase Fast Attack damage by 10% per each unit of the set worn. Lasts for 5 seconds.
  • 6/6 Equipped Pieces - Attacks from the rear deal 50% more damage and will stun opponents by consuming Adrenaline Points.

In addition, you'll need to have collected all of the prior Cat School Gear diagrams - basic, enhanced, superior, and mastercrafted - to be able to craft the Grandmaster version of the armor.

On top of that, considering that this gear set is Grandmaster quality, you'll also need a Grandmaster craftsmen to put them all together for you. You can find one of those in Beauclair, Touissant's main city, but you'll need to help him out with a side quest first. Once that's done, you can then acquire about Grandmaster Witcher sets.

The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Feline Chest Armor

Head north toward the swamp. East of the Arthach Palace Ruins is an estate overrun by bandits. The front doors are locked, so you’ll have to find another way in. Walk around the right side of the wall and climb up the scaffolding. Drop down to reach the inner courtyard.

Defeat the handful of drunk bandits, then speak to the merchant. Afterward, go inside the white door on the red building. Turn left and look for a painting just inside the next doorway. Loot the painting to retrieve the diagram for the Grandmaster Feline Armor piece.

The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Feline Trousers and Boots

These two diagrams are found together at the Arthach Palace Ruins in the north. From the rundown estate where you found the armor diagram, head northwest toward the swamp. The ruins have been taken over by a bandit group called Hansa, who use the ruins as their base of operations.

As you approach the camp, prepare to fight a ton of Hansa bandits and dogs. Cut down the enemies and make your way up the structure. Kill the Hansa leader at the top. Once you have cleared the hostiles from the area, search near the large bonfire on the upper walkway. Next to the fire is a chest that contains both diagrams for the Grandmaster Feline trousers and boots.

The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Feline Gauntlets, Steel Sword, and Silver Sword

The final series of Grandmaster Feline diagrams are found in a cave called the Pits of Brume. Travel beyond the swamp to the south of the Arthach Palace Ruins. As you proceed further into the cave, prepare to face a group of Archespores.

Fight off the poisonous plants, then follow the right wall to find a narrow path leading to the upper ledge. Loot the container next to the medical stretcher to obtain the three diagrams for the gauntlets and swords.

If medium armor and alchemy builds are more your style, you should consider collecting the Manticore Witcher Gear diagrams as well. Head over to our guide on how to find the Manticore Gear in the Witcher 3 to begin your search.

Whether you're just starting The Witcher 3 for the first time or need a refresh after a long time out of the saddle, check out our Witcher 3 walkthrough for all the essential info, including how to get the best ending and which quests you should actually do in the wide, open world.

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