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The Witcher 3 Cat School Armor - Where to Find the Cat School Gear

Here's where to find all the Cat School gear, including weapons and armor, in The Witcher 3.

This page will show you how to find all the Cat School Gear diagrams, including the enhanced, superior and mastercrafted variations, in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We'll be walking you through where to find the Witcher 3 Cat School armor and weapons, so you know where to go to track down every diagram as easily as possible.

Witcher 3 Cat School Diagram Locations

A step up from the Viper School Gear and Griffin School Gear, the Cat School Gear can’t be used until players hit at least level 10, if not a bit higher. The enhanced versions require an even higher rank, with the armor only being wearable if you are at level 20. Still, you can obtain this gear before you get there, and doing so means that you’ll have it available as soon as the game deems you worthy. Today, we’re going to help you find it all, making sure that Geralt looks good while slicing up the beasts that terrorize the Northern Realms.

Of course, if you’re not quite at a level where you can use the Cat School Gear, or it’s enhanced version, you could also pick up the Griffin School Gear, which won’t require you to rank up quite as much. Look to the right side of this page for an index of links that can lead you to whatever gear best suits your current needs.

It's worth mentionining that you have to find the right armorer and blacksmith in order to have this gear crafted. You also have to have the materials in your inventory. Our suggestion would be to find all of the diagrams, then visit the blacksmiths and armorers scattered around Novigrad. They are usually able to help you out, regardless of the gear that you bring them. If they can't craft one of the diagrams because you're missing ingredients, try dismantling some materials to get the crafting supplies you require. We've yet to have to go hunting for resources if we use this method.

Feline Steel Sword Diagram

You’ll find this diagram unguarded at the Drahim Castle signpost just to the south of Novigrad. It’s just to the southwest of the Cunny of the Goose signpost. When you arrive, head down the ladders to find the Feline Steel Sword diagram, but feel free to explore all of the castle for other goodies.

Feline Silver Sword Diagram

You’re headed to the northeast of Oxenfurt, and more specifically, east of the Temerian Partisan Hideout. The exact signpost is called Est Tayiar, but you probably won’t see it until you arrive. When you are at the right location, head down into the tunnel and look for a sketchy brick wall along the right side. Smash it open with Aard and retrieve the Feline Silver Sword diagram.

Feline Crossbow Diagram

To the southwest of the Lighthouse signpost (which is west of the Novigrad Docks) is an island and a shipwreck. Your destination is the shipwreck. Swim over to it and climb onto the ship. Drop through the deck and you’ll see a chest. Inside the chest will be the Feline Crossbow diagram. Snag it and swim back toward the lighthouse.

Feline Armor: Gauntlets, Boots and Trousers Diagram Locations

You’re headed to the very northwest part of Novigrad, even northwest from the St. Gregory’s Bridge signpost. In fact, you need to get to the cliffs next to the water. For this, move to the west side of the island and look for a cliff-side path that will lead you down to a cave. It was not easy to find, so you have to start two buildings southwest of the circle displayed on the map image above.

There is an illusion blocking the cave entrance, so you’ll need that fancy little device that Keira Metz gave you during your time in Velen. If you haven’t gotten that far, you likely can’t compete with the monsters ahead, so enter at your own risk. Also, for our purposes we are going to name the three tunnels that split off from this cave. From your position at the cave entrance, you have the left, center, and right tunnels. No matter where you are in the cave, if we mention one of them, assume we’re describing it as if you were standing at the main cliff side cave entrance.

Once you’re in the cave you’ll need to deal with a level 14 (potentially higher) Golem. He’s powerful, but you can take him with fancy footwork and fast attacks. Hit him once or twice, then dodge out of the way so he can’t retaliate. You can also sneak by him, but we’re not a fan of leaving loose ends. Just slay the beast so we can put it out of mind.

From where you originally entered the cave, move to the right tunnel and use Aard to smash through any blockades. Follow it to the end, grabbing all items you come across using your Witcher Senses. Return to the main cave and enter the left tunnel. You’ll have to swim a little, but eventually you’ll come to a room with some statues in it. Pull all of the levers until each statue is facing inward, causing the floor to move.

Hop into the water and use your Crossbow (same way you would normally use it) to kill the three drowners that are giving you fits. Snag some air, dive to the bottom and get the key, then climb back out and head back to the main cave where you slayed the Golem.

The only place you haven’t been is behind where the Golem originally stood. Use the key to open the door, then kill whatever it is that sits inside. It fights like a human, so use Igni to set it on fire and carve it up with your sword. When it’s dead, look for a chest that contains the Feline Armor, Feline Gauntlets, Feline Boots and Feline Trouser diagrams. That’s your full set of standard Cat School Gear.

Feline Steel Sword – Enhanced Diagram

Just to the northeast of the Reardon Manor signpost you will find a cave. You can ride inside with Roach, using your Witcher Senses to locate a chest. Loot that chest and you’ll have your hands on the enhanced Feline Steel Sword diagram.

Feline Silver Sword – Enhanced Diagram

You’ll find this in Novigrad, extremely close to the Oxenfurt Gate (which again, is in Novigrad). Your best bet is to walk across the bridge and enter Novigrad using the Oxenfurt Gate. On your map you will notice a merchant in the building in front of you. Do not go in this building, but instead climb up the ladder in the yard to the right. It’s very well concealed, but trust us that it is there. Once you’re inside, do some searching until you find the enhanced Feline Silver Sword diagram in a chest on the top floor.

Feline Armor – Enhanced Diagram

Directly east of the Novigrad Gate in Oxenfurt is a place called Aerama's Abandoned Manor. There is even a signpost which you may or may not have unlocked. Either way, head there and climb some stone steps, using your Witcher Senses to locate a chest among the burnt ruins. Inside this chest you will find the diagram for the enhanced Feline Armor. Snatch it up and move on to the next.

Feline Gauntlets – Enhanced Diagram

This piece of armor is between three signposts, so use the image above to see its exact location, or use the following instructions.

  • East and slightly north of Hangman’s Tree
  • South and slightly east of Hindhold
  • West and slightly south of White Eagle Fort

When you arrive, head into the cave and use your Witcher Senses to snoop around and locate a chest. You’ll find the enhanced Feline Gauntlets diagram inside.

Feline Boots – Enhanced Diagram

Remember the Reardon Manor signpost we spoke of earlier? You’re headed northeast of that location, almost to the shore. A better marker (besides just looking at the image above) is to travel directly north from the Benek signpost. Head inside the cave, snatching the enhanced Feline Boots diagram from a chest inside.

Feline Trousers – Enhanced Diagram

If you recall the main quest line where you tracked down Whoreson Junior, you need to enter the sewer system through the basement of the building you found him in. Once inside, use your Witcher Senses to spot a fragile brick wall on the right, smashing it open with Aard. This will reveal a chest, and inside you’ll find the enhanced version of the Feline Trousers diagram. This will complete the enhanced version of the Cat School Armor.

Feline Armor: Gauntlets, Boots and Trousers – Superior Diagram Locations

The entire armor superior armor set for the Cat School Gear is found in the same location. You can reach it from three different fast travel points.

  • Southwest of the Dragonslayer’s Grotto
  • West of Downwarren
  • Northwest of The Orphans of Crookback Bog

When you arrive, look for the chest to be tucked cozily into a broken wall, and be aware of the Earth Elemental that likes to patrol the area. You can sneak by it, but if you must fight, just know that it’s a level 27 enemy. We suggest you loot the chest, grabbing the gear and getting out of there as quickly as you can.

Feline Silver Sword – Superior Diagram

Take the road that goes southwest from Drahim Castle, continuing southwest when it forks and traveling into the woods. You’ll come to the Ursten Cave. Head inside until the cave splits, taking the right tunnel. You will find the diagram for the superior Feline Silver Sword inside. Just keep an eye out for Nekkers and a Rock Troll.

Feline Steel Sword – Superior Diagram

Since we don’t yet have a screen shot of this location, look for the innkeeper icon on your map that sits near the St. Gregory’s Bridge signpost. Directly north from that innkeeper icon (across the water) is where you will find the diagram for superior Feline Steel Sword. Head over there and into a place referred to as the Smuggler’s Den. Go inside the cave and use your Witcher Senses to search the left side. You will come to the diagram a short distance in, but watch out for some high level enemies in the area. This will complete the superior set of the Cat School Gear.

Feline Steel Sword – Mastercrafted Diagram

You’ll find this diagram on the main Skellige Island. East of the Rogne signpost is a question mark (if you have unlocked it by visiting nearby Notice Boards) that sits near a winding path. Head to the north of the Kaer Gelen ruin and enter the dungeon. Move into the room on your left when you enter, grabbing the mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword diagram, and then getting out of there before something terrible happens.

Feline Silver Sword – Mastercrafted Diagram

On the southern Skellige Island is the Harviken signpost. Travel east (and a tiny bit north) from there and you will find the Troll Treasure Cave. Once inside, take the right tunnel and follow it until you have to bust a sketchy looking wall using Aard. Inside the room you will find the mastercrafted diagram for the Feline Silver Sword.

Feline Armor: Gauntlets, Boots and Trousers – Mastercrafted Diagram Locations

Southeast from the last diagram will be all four of the armor diagrams needed to finish off the Cat School Gear in its entirety. Along the south shore, next to the icon of a boat on your map you will find the Wraith Treasure Cave. Enter it and move directly forward until you reach another section of the cave. A short time after you will find the diagrams. Of course, use your Witcher Senses to make spotting the loot even easier.

That’s it, the entire collection of Cat School Gear. Some of it is going to require you to level up before you can obtain it or wear it, but in the end it will eventually come in handy. Of course, ensure that you are visiting the correct armorer and blacksmiths to craft it when the time comes.

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