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The Witcher 3: A Deadly Plot walkthrough

This is one of the most important secondary quests you'll complete.

A Deadly Plot is one of the most important secondary quests in The Witcher 3. You'll kick things off by meeting with Sigismund Djikstra, who's plotting to dethrone Radovid, but one of their spies has gone AWOL.

So, as is often the case in The Witcher 3, Geralt is recruited to track the spy down, and there's an important decision to make once you do. Without further ado, here's how to complete the A Deadly Plot quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: A Deadly Plot walkthrough

A Deadly Plot is issued to the player by Dijkstra at the conclusion of Count Reuven's Treasure in The Witcher 3, itself triggered during Get Junior.

Along with An Eye for An Eye, Redania's Most Wanted and Reason of State, it is part of a group of quests collectively labelled Assassin in our walkthrough. These quests have an important effect on which ending you see, and should not be undertaken - or ignored - lightly.

To kick things off, meet Dijikstra at Passiflora; the Madame takes you up the secret stairs. Here, you'll be reunited with Vernon Roche, the leader of Temeria's guerrilla forces (if you've been waiting for him to get back to Hanged Man's Tree for An Eye for An Eye, he'll do so immediately after this meeting).

In the dialogue that follows you can agree to assist the conspiracy. It's worth noting that nothing you say or do in these quests before Reason of State commits you to killing Radovid, so feel free to go along with them.

When the meeting is over, head to the Border Crossing signpost and look for your contact. He explains that the conspiracy's agent has been lost.

Search down the road a bit in the indicated area and you'll come across a worrying scene. The agent - a cobbler - seems to have gotten himself in trouble with some trolls. Follow the trail of shoes and chat with the troll you meet for an explanation; you don't have to fight him, you can just ask politely.

Continue into the nearby troll cave to meet with two more of these dim-witted but well-meaning beasts. If you take the diplomatic route you can get out of this without fighting; if not, make sure you have Ogroid Oil applied before entering.

The agent is none other than the foul-mouthed Thaler. Accompany him back to his wagon to complete the mission. If you like, speak to him again before he ambles off to learn more about his plans and recent history - and to play Gwent with him as part of the Gwent: Old Pals and Gwent: Playing Thaler missions. He has a card you can't get anywhere else, and it's one you will likely be very pleased to win. If you miss this chance, look for him in the Seven Cats Inn near Novigrad later on.

That's it for this one. Come back in Act Three for the thrilling conclusion in Reason of State, if available.

For more on The Witcher 3, take a look at the Act Two: Novigrad secondary quests, or head back to our The Witcher 3 guide and walkthrough.

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