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The Street Fighter movie shows off its logo and it looks... exactly how you'd expect

Glad it doesn't look like Street Fighter 6's logo, at least.

The main cast of the 1994 Street Fighter movie all pulling different poses in front of some trees.
Image credit: Universal Pictures

If you forgot a new Street Fighter movie was happening, don't worry, me too, but the film's logo is here to remind us it exists.

Last year, Legendary Entertainment gave the honestly not that surprising announcement that a Street Fighter movie was in the works. Video game movies are all the rage these days, after all, and the same production company also made Detective Pikachu and found a lot of success there, so why not a franchise like Street Fighter? We still haven't actually seen anything of the movie itself, nor has any talent been attached to it just yet, but thanks to Collider there is a small update on the project: we now know what the film's logo will look like. And as you can see below, it… well, it looks like a Street Fighter logo! Not necessarily from any one particular game, more just a distillation of all of them (except for Street Fighter 6's very boring one), but it's certainly easily recognisable.

While we might not know who will star as classic characters like Ryu or Chun Li, we do at least know who'll be directing. It was announced shortly after the film was revealed to be in the works that Australian twin filmmaker duo Danny and Michael Philippou will be helming the film as directors. The brothers are probably now best known for their directorial debut, the 2022 supernatural horror film Talk To Me, which ended up doing very well at the box office compared to its small budget of $4.5 million. Prior to that, the two found a lot of success with their YouTube channel RackaRacka, which uh, we won't discuss the quality of.

There's currently no word on when we can expect this new Street Fighter movie, but I have questions whether it could even come close to topping the classic Tuesday scene from the original adaptation (spoiler alert, I don't think it can).

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