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Who cares about the new Street Fighter movie, because the original '90s classic is still making bank, apparently

Well, it's not making millions of dollars, but it's a nice bit of pocket money.

Capcom might be working on a brand new Street Fighter film, but it turns out the original one still makes a surprising amount of money.

Have you seen the original 1994 Street Fighter movie? I have, and let me tell you, if I was being real, I would admit it's not that great a film. But life is boring if you just weigh things up against other, better things, and sometimes you just need to take a movie as it is: horrifically miscast, mostly mediocrely performed, but genuinely hilarious at times (on purpose even), and home to the coldest bad guy line in any piece of media ever. The thing is, when the film initially released, it didn't really do mind-blowingly. It did manage to make back its $35 million budget, with a global box office figure of around $99 million, but it wasn't exactly anything to write home about in the greater scheme of things. And yet to this day, the film continues to be profitable for Capcom (thanks, Automaton).

According to an attendee at Capcom's June 20 shareholder meeting, the live-action adaptation of Street Fighter continues to make 10s of millions of yen per year. To put that into dollars, depending on how many 10s of millions we're talking about here, that could easily be a few hundred thousand. Chump change compared to what Capcom's making on the video game front, but for a film that was not received well critically in the slightest, how could you possibly complain about a revenue stream that'll at least cover a few employees' salaries?

Of the course, the big Street Fighter movie that Capcom will likely be hoping to make a lot of money with is the new, upcoming one it's making with Legendary Pictures. So far all we've seen from it is its logo, which looks exactly how you'd expect it to, and just last week the film lost its directors, so we'll have to wait a little while longer to check it out.

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