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Uh oh, the Street Fighter movie has lost its directors

The search for a new director begins.

Oh dear, the Street Fighter movie has had to pause progress, as it has just lost its pair of directors.

Back in April, Capcom and Legendary Entertainment announced that it was working together to make a live-action movie based on Street Fighter. Soon after that, brother filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou were attached to direct the project, potentially a popular choice given their surprise 2022 indie horror hit Talk To Me, which they made with A24. However, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it appears both Philippou brothers have now left the project, leaving Legendary on the hunt for someone else to helm the film. According to THR, scheduling is partly to blame.

The Philippous are working with A24 again on a film titled Bring Her Back, another horror film that is yet to have any plot details announced publicly. This one is set to star Sally Hawkins (Paddington) and Billy Barratt (Mr Selfridge), and shooting is set to start later this month in Australia. Legendary and Capcom were apparently hoping to shoot sooner than the Philippous were able to commit to, and it seems like their personal project must have taken priority for the pair of filmmakers.

While it'll be a bit of a setback for Street Fighter and Capcom, it likely won't make all that much difference to us. The film doesn't have a release date, let alone any plot details, so for the average joe it's kind of a Schrodinger's film situation, real and not real at the same time. The film's logo was shown off last month at the very least, which looks exactly how you'd expect it to, but who's surprised there?

This will actually be the second live-action adaptation of Street Fighter, the first having been released back in 1994. If you're not a fool, you'll know that it's a perfect adaptation, though it wasn't all that well received at the time of its release. Perhaps in this age of "good" video game adaptations, the new Street Fighter movie will appeal to the masses a touch more.

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