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Street Fighter 6 meets King of Fighters in season 2 DLC

Terry and Mai are coming, as well as a revived M. Bison and Elena! CVS is back, kinda.

Terry in SF6 reveal trailer
Image credit: Capcom

Street Fighter is crossing over with SNK yet again via the Street Fighter 6 season 2 DLC. Terry and Mai from the King of Fighters series are set to make a return, as well as Street Fighter favourites M. Bison (somehow) and Elena.

This news comes via Summer Game Fest 2024, where a teaser trailer revealed the news. Mai and Terry show up in a 2D animation, while Bison's return got a full-on in-game cutscene. You can check out the trailer yourself below

There's no word on when these will be coming to Street Fighter 6, but in season 1 the character releases were seasonal, so expect one roughly every three or so months.

What do you think of the trailer? let us know below!

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