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Six month TESO subscriber veterans get a Dwemer Sphere pet

The Elder Scrolls Online rewards those who maintain their subscriptions for lengthy periods of time.


TESO developer Zenimax Online has unveiled the latest subscription loyalty reward, this time for those who stay active for six months.

The new six month reward is a Dwemer Sphere, a vanity pet based on ancient dwarven tech. It's "coming soon" to those who are eligible for the reward, according to an announcement post.

It joins the three month reward, a High Hrothgar Wraith pet.

It's not super clear from the post's wording, but it seems like you don't have to build up your subscription period consecutively, but can lapse and then resume.

As I mentioned yesterday when I remembered that The Elder Scrolls Online exists, the PS4 and Xbox One version is still AWOL. A fifth content update has dropped, though.

Thanks, Massively.

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