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The Elder Scrolls Online fifth major content update now live

The Elder Scrolls Online has been updated to version 1.5.2 with its fifth major content update, bringing dungeon and solo scaling, loads of fixes and a continuation of the City of Ash storyline.


TESO's latest update introduces Veteran City of Ash, which as the name suggests is a higher level continuation of the City of Ash dungeon. It will complete the story of the original dungeon.

Veteran ranks have been improved in various ways, too, and dungeon and solo instance scaling should make it fun for high level players to revisit earlier content. New Undaunted Enclaves and Pledges every 20 hours should grant you something to do, as well.

One of the major non-content updates is a number of improvements to facial animations, so NPCs should look less creepy when you chat with them.

Crafting has also had a bit of an overhaul. You can now undertake certifications, and receive crafting writs and survey reports when successful. To tempt you back to crafting, Dwemer items have been added, along with the Twice-Born Star item set.

There's much more to the update; a full breakdown of the new features and changes can be found on the TESO forums.

It's been ages since I even thought about The Elder Scrolls Online, and to my great surprise it's still not out on PS4 and Xbox One. It's expected either late this year or early next yea,r apparently.

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