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Best Minecraft Skins to download in 2022

If you can think of a Minecraft skin you’d like to use, we guarantee someone has made it.

It doesn’t matter how obscure, how odd or how impractical the idea, it will exist either via the Minecraft Marketplace or on The Skindex website for download.

If you’re on console, the only way to change skins is to purchase Minecraft coins and redeem those against the skin or skin pack you’d like. Because you’re paying, you are supporting smaller creators and Mojang themselves. Which is nice.

PC players have the advantage here, though. With every player being able to browse online and simply install a .PNG file into the game itself. Or, if you’re particularly creative, you can design a skin yourself. All done through Skindex or various websites.

Of course, The Skindex is full of anything and everything, all of varying quality – From the very basic, to intricate designs which would rival the designers at Mojang. Often there are original creations, skins which dodge copyright licences or multiple versions of characters which change incrementally from one to the next.

We’ve trawled the official skins and those drifting around the web to bring you some particularly sweet skins.

Best Minecraft Skins to download in 2022

How to install and equip Minecraft skins

To equip a new Minecraft skin, click on the coathanger icon then choose the blank skin. You’re then looking for a Choose New Skin button, which will open up your file folder. You can then choose your skin from where you've saved it in the folder and away you go.

You can download skins from sites like or The Skindex, which have hundreds of different styles to choose from, or you can make your own on Minecraft Skin Editor.

Our Favourite Minecraft Skins

Ahsoka Tano

THE best Jedi is playable with this awesome skin. You can keep your Kenobis and Skywalkers, Ahsoka looks brilliant in this unofficial skin. While she doesn’t have her trademark white lightsabers, she looks as great here, as she does in The Clone Wars.

Among Us

We think someone is sus. It’s probably pink. While you can’t officially eject someone into space, you can don your favourite colours and vote someone to be booted off your server. It was only a matter of time before Among Us invaded Minecraft. Pick your favourite colour, join your mates and argue until you’re blue in the face.

Billie Eilish

She loves to be the bad guy and a casual style icon. Playing as Billie Eilish might be a dream come true for many players. She may not be equipped with those lethal looking acrylic nails, but we bet she’s handy in a fight. She could always lob a Grammy award at the creepers.

Captain America

America’s Ass is a chiselled block here. With nary a curve in sight, Captain America isn’t equipped with his shield, but I’m sure there’s a mod somewhere which can add it in or transplant it for a hammer. This fan creation is full of great pixel design and small intricacies that makes it a stand-out in the Marvel selection.

Egyptian Pharaoh

Released a while back, the Pharaoh from the official Mythological pack is not only a brilliant design, but also the perfect way to lord it over your mates. If you’re applying this skin and you don’t live in a pyramid, we can’t help you. *cats and eternal wealth not included.


Sony have teamed up with Mojang on plenty of official skins; allowing PlayStation fans to suit up as one of many iconic characters, including Sackboy and even Ellie from The Last of Us. This skin from Journey is just lovely and really evokes memories of that stunning game. Just don’t remind us of the section in the freezing snow and wind.

The Mandalorian

Yes, it’s a second Star Wars skin, but no list would be complete without Mando, would it? Disney+ sensation, The Mandalorian has only recently dropped within an official skin pack on Minecraft. Now players can suit up in the finest Beskar, with Baby Yoda AKA The Child following along behind. This is the way.


With each passing year, it seems unlikely Nintendo will ever cave and bring us a new MOTHER/Earthbound game. Thousands of fans of the cult hit game have, up to now, only been satisfied by the appearance of Ness in Super Smash Bros. If you’re hankering for another game featuring Ness, you’ll just have to fall back on this great community made skin.

Jack Skellington

Is it a Halloween film or a Christmas film? Whichever side of the argument you fall on, this official skin of Jack Skellington can be seen as either incredibly cute, or nightmare fuel. As part of a brilliant skin pack, it was tough choosing between Jack or Oogie Boogie.

Pokemon Trainer

If you wanna catch ‘em all, you’re going to be disappointed (unless you’ve modded your Minecraft game to feature Pokemon). For now, you’ll have to dress up as a Pokemon trainer and catch sheep, cows and pigs. You can still pretend they’re pocket monsters by throwing a snowball at them and screaming ‘I choose you!’ at the top of your voice.


Thank God for retro game loving skin creators. This Quake skin is fantastic! Not only does it look the part, but once you step through a nether portal, he starts to feel more at home - what with all those monsters. If retro is your jam, this and plenty of others are available on Skindex.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe can be yours to control in this official skin pack from Mojang. Here you can role play as the delightfully optimistic Steven or one of the Gems, and as the pack overhauls the whole visual style, you’ll even find other fan favourites take over the animals of the core game.


Everyone always picks Goku, when we all really know that Vegeta is the best Saiyan going. Styled after the Saiyan prince’s turn in the Super cartoon series, this Vegeta may not have the superpowers, but he looks awesome. Plus creative mode allows him to fly.

Best Video Game Minecraft Skins


With this skin, you can tear up the landscape as one of the most beloved protagonists of all time.


Avoid being seen and falling off high ledges as you make your way around your friend's Minecraft creations as Assassin's Creed's Altair.


While you can't throw an axe at your enemies, you can stomp around the map and shout "BOY!" at folk as the powerful God of War, Kratos.

Solid Snake

A strong man doesn't need to read the future; he makes his own - in Minecraft.


Celebrate your love of Tetris 99 with this funky Tetris skin.

Master Chief

Something, something, something, I know what the ladies like.


Here's the perfect skin for all you Pokemon fans out there. Pika Pika!

Best TV and film Minecraft skins


Roar your way across the world as Chewy.

Jar Jar Binks

You know you love him really.

Iron Man

Cry no more! Iron Man can live forever with this skin.


I am... Groot?


It was a toss up between the Arkham Knight and OG Batman, and we've went with the Adam West variety.

Finn the Human

Recreate Finn and Jake's treehouse, grab a friend and mess around as Adventure Time's heroes. The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!


Hey, girls need Minecraft skins too! You need to let it go...

Peppa Pig

While a little terrifying, your wee ones will love playings as kid's TV favourite Peppa Pig.

Homer Simpson



Now you can horrify your friends and foes as Stranger Things' antagonist nightmare, the Demogorgon.

Best Mob Minecraft skins


Play as this fresh hell every day and scare off your neighbours.




Know what your map is missing? Zombie pigs.


Trick your friends as you cosplay as a Creeper.

Rainbow Creeper

This colourful iteration of the Creeper is perfect if your horror style is more flamboyant.

Grim Creeper

Death is coming, Creeper style.

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