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New Microsoft OS boss wants to create unified app interface across all devices

In the wake of the recent Microsoft corporate restructuring, all of the company’s operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, the Xbox Dashboard, and so on, are all under the purview of Terry Myerson, who has plans for bringing them together.

7 years ago

XBL Dashboard headlines

  • Rumor - New Xbox Live dashboard to launch next week

    According to a rumor posted over on tech site Win Rumors, Microsoft’s new Xbox Live dashboard update is set to launch next week. The site said it had a look at the update yesterday at the Nokia World event, and has posted a video of its hands-on with the update’s Windows Phone integration and Kinect […]

    9 years ago
  • New Xbox 360 dashboard is called Twist Control, has less cluttered interface

    Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live product marketing manager for EMEA, has revealed that the new Xbox 360 dashboard slated for release later this year is called Twist Control.

    9 years ago
  • Rumor - Zune Marketplace getting revamped as streaming video service on Xbox 360

    A report over on The Daily states the Zune Marketplace on Xbox Live could be changing into a streaming subscription service. According to an anonymous source at Microsoft, the Zune service could take on the same sort of streaming option Netflix and Hulu Plus offers. It’s unknown if the new initiative will be part of […]

    10 years ago
  • Kids can now use Facebook and Twitter through XBL

    Minors outside the US can now use Facebook and Twitter via Xbox Live, according to The Major.Microsoft has released an update allowing the use of the services, as long as parental permission’s given.The system has to be set in a way afterward, though, so parents won’t have to worry about punching in a code every […]

    11 years ago
  • Microsoft discusses upcoming Netflix changes on XBL

    When Netflix gets updated on Xbox Live August 11, users will have to add new movies to the queue via their PC and do it manually.Granted, the change will happen momentarily on the dashboard, but apparently users will only be able to choose the 50 most recent titles added to a each category. If they […]

    11 years ago
  • Preview of new XBL Dashboard is live [Upate] [Update 2]

    Those who were lucky enough to have been picked to checkout a preview of the new Xbox Live Dashboard, can do so now because it is up.This is according to Engadget.Dunno if this is the same in Europe or not, but give it a go anyway.Newness goes live August 11. Update: Kotaku has videos of […]

    12 years ago
  • Facebook and Twitter integration screened for XBL

    Twitter and Facebook integration are coming to Xbox Live this Fall. Your living rooms will never be the same.Mixing with the NXE interface, users will be able to view photos, friends, updates, and add people from the application.D’Toid has loads of screens for it. Expect it to launch sometime this fall.

    12 years ago