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Playthrough of canceled GoldenEye HD remaster for XBLA pops up online

A port of GoldenEye 007 was in development for Xbox Live Arcade at one point before it was canned.

Footage of the XBLA version of GoldenEye 007 has been posted online by Graslu00, and you can see for yourself what might have been in the video below (thanks, GoldenEye Dossier).

The Xbox 360 port was in development at Rare many years ago for XBLA and was meant to feature higher resolution and better character and weapon models among other improvements.

Due to licensing issues, the game was never released.

The footage you see above was not leaked but taken from builds from ParternetNet, a version of Xbox Live which was only available to devkit owners (via Eurogamer). The video shows a playthrough of the campaign and some multiplayer footage and thanks to the emulator, it's running at 60 frames per second and at 4K. The video is around two hours long so grab a cuppa and a snack before you give it a watch.

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