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Hades 2 isn't even out yet, and Supergiant is already having to ask people to stop datamining it

You can hold off looking at all those beautiful gods, can't you?

Hades 2 key art showing Melinoe performing some kind of witchcraft in front of Hecate.
Image credit: Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games recently held a technical test for Hades 2, leading to some datamining the game for future content.

Earlier this week, Supergiant finally gave people the chance to go hands on with Hades 2 after announcing it back in 2022, thanks to a technical test on Steam. The game isn't quite ready for early access just yet, though the point of the technical test is for Supergiant to prepare itself for the actual release. With the technical test not being even the early access release, that of course means most of the content that is ready has been locked off - but, some have datamined the test to find characters and other details that aren't ready to be shared just yet. In fact, as shared to the game's subreddit, one user who had shared some art of some of the new characters was contacted by Supergiant Games asking them to remove their tweets showing it off.

Hey friends, just a little heads up
byu/bunnysong inHadesTheGame

"Hey, we wanted to ask if you'd be willing to delete this tweet containing data-mined content from Hades 2," reads a Twitter message from Supergiant Games. "It was our mistake to include content in the build that wasn't meant to be revealed yet, and we know no harm was intended by posting it or anything like that. This is just an example of something we hoped players would discover in the Early Access version." It's obviously an understandable request, as no developer would want details about their hard work getting out before the game even enters early access.

I definitely understand that you're obviously feeling a little… well, horny, to be blunt, about all these new characters, but maybe it's best to hold off on discussing what's in the game before everyone gets a chance to try it out for themselves. Hades 2 is expected to release in early access this year, and with this recent activity it sounds like it might be soon, though if you are interested it will just be on PC for the time being.

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