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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sacred Lands Guide - Owl Statues, Young Link Location, Torches, Chrom Location

The Sacred Lands is pretty heavy on puzzles, though play your cards right and you’ll get Zelda Young Link, Mii Brawler and Chrom. Here’s how.

World of Light is the single-player campaign mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In it, players must uncover a sprawling map, awakening fallen fighters along the way. This map is divided into a number of sections, themed after popular Nintendo franchises. Later on in the game, you’ll need to pass through the Sacred Lands, which has its fair share of puzzles. There are a bunch of characters that you can unlock in this area, so you’ll want to get through the puzzles as fast as possible. To help you out, we’ve put together this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sacred Lands Guide. We’ll detail the solution to the Owl Statue puzzle, the Torches Puzzle, and also take a look at how to unlock Chrom and Mii Brawler.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sacred Lands

Sacred Lands is a large area in The World of Dark. It’s a secret area of sorts, with a few characters to unlock, and plenty of puzzles to solve. To get Mii Brawler and Zelda, you’ll need to solve an Owl Statue Puzzle involving Torches. It’s all based on the design of a clock, and can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Owl Statue Puzzle Solution

There’s a puzzle involving Owls Statues in the Sacred Lands. You’ll need to solve it to get Zelda and Mii Brawler, here’s how to do it. In the centre of the area there’s a ring of torches. Think of this ring like a clock, with the blue torch points representing the long hand and the orange torch points representing the smaller hand. First off, you need to represent 12:10 to get Zelda. To do this highlight the orange torch at the north of the ring. Then, light the blue torch to represent 10 past on a clock. Doing this will cause Zelda to appear in the centre of the ring. To get Mii Brawler, you need to input 4:40. This means light an orange torch to the South East part, and then a blue torch to represent 40 minutes past. This will cause Mii Brawler to appear.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sacred Lands Young Link Location

To get to Young Link, you’ll need to navigate the Lost Woods. This can be tricky due to all of the fog. Luckily, the owl statues can help you out. The first statue you’ll want to interact with is to the North West of the area. It will tell you to go ‘East, South and then South again’. Do so to arrive at another Owl Statue. This one will tell you to head ‘North, West, and then North’ again. You’ll be faced with a lake, move towards it to jump in. You can now get to Young Link by clearing the stump.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light Chrom Location

Chrom is one of the hardest characters to find in Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light. To get him, follow the steps outlined above for finding Young Link, right up to where you jump in the lake. Instead of jumping in the lake, you want to head to the chest to the North of it. We’ve shown it in the image embedded above. Open the chest, move away from the area and then return. Interacting with it again will open a secret pathway to Chrom.

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