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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Rewards, Character Unlock Order, Tickets

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a really great Classic Mode for fans to sink their teeth into. Here’s everything you need to know.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a host of new features to the long-running party game franchise. There are a bunch of new modes, with exciting new systems and rewards to collect. There are also cool twists on old modes like Classic Mode, which has been beefed up and given a ton of love. In this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Guide we’ll take a look at how Classic Mode works this time around. We’ll detail the order of characters that you can unlock, the rewards you’ll get, and what the Smash Mural represents.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Guide

Classic Mode returns for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with individual campaigns available for each and every fighter in the game. For each campaign, you’ll need to beat 6 different fights, a bonus stage and then the final boss. It’s worth doing, because the rewards you earn can be used elsewhere in the game. Every single fighter campaign is different, and usually include matchups against foes that make sense for that character. There’s also Easter Eggs hidden in some of them,so be on the lookout for those.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Unlock Order

First off, let’s take a look at the characters you can unlock by playing Classic Mode. It’s possible to unlock every single fighter by playing Classic Mode, though depending on who you’re playing as, you’ll unlock them in a different order. You need to beat the campaign to get a new Challenger Approaches matchup. There’s a very handy infographic that demonstrates this order, first posted by the fine folks over at r/SmashBrosUltimate. You can check it out below:

While it is possible to unlock all of the roster by playing Classic Mode, it is nowhere near the quickest method. For a look at the fastest method of unlocking all of the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, head over to our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlock Guide

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Rewards

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to play Classic Mode. There are some awesome surprises in terms of Easter Eggs and final bosses, and even the end credits are a minigame of sorts. Another reason why you’ll want to put some time in is that you’ll earn some pretty great rewards for beating each campaign. We’ve listed the rewards you’ll get for clearing Classic Mode below:

  • Primary Spirit of the fighter you beat the campaign with
  • Support Spirit related to the fighter.
  • SP
  • Gold
  • Snacks
  • Support Items
  • Cosmetic items for Mii

The rewards that you receive will be better the higher the difficulty you end on. This difficulty is represented by the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mural, which we’ll cover next.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Mural

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a neat way of showing the intensity of the Classic Mode you’re playing. At the start of each one, you’re asked to increase or decrease the intensity using the sliding mural. The farther to the right you go, the more difficult the game gets. For every match you beat, you’ll move up the mural a bit, and you’ll move down if you lose. After beating the final boss and rolling credits, you’ll receive a score based on your final position on the mural. Your rewards will also depend on this placement, and you’ll receive a screenshot of what the mural looks like at the end.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Tickets

So the name of the game is to move up the Super Smash Bros Ultimate mural, but what happens when you lose. Well, the game isn’t over. You can either pay a small amount of gold to lower the intensity and continue or you can spend Smash Tickets. Smash Tickets allow you to continue without lowering the intensity, keeping your score multiplier high. You’re given five Smash Tickets at the start of the game, but will need to earn more by completing Challenges. There’s also a small chance to earn Smash Tickets by completing Classic Mode runs.

How to Beat Master Hand in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

For most of the fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you’ll face Master Hand as a final boss. This is a mainstay of the series, and can be incredibly annoying to beat. The thing you’ll need to realise is that all of Master Hand’s moves are clearly telegraphed, so you should be able to dodge them. Also, there’s a fair bit of time between attacks, meaning there’s time for your shield to recharge. Using your shield is vital to this fight, as you can easily block the majority of attacks. Use up smash attacks to hit Master hand as it moves over you, and go in for side smashes if you stun it.

How to Beat Crazy Hand in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

At higher difficulties, you’ll need to face Crazy Hand. It’s a little more difficult than Master Hand, and you’ll need to fight them at the same time. Use projectiles to deal with Crazy hand first, while following your dodging patterns for Master Hand. Use the edges of the stage to avoid large AOE attacks and don’t be afraid to jump into the spaces above the edges of the map.

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