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Super Meat Boy: The Game on hold for Mew-Genics

Team Meat has confirmed it has put a new version of Super Meat Boy on hold while it works on Mew-Genics.

Super Meat Boy: The Game was announced for touch devices in April 2012, and was later revealed to be a lot more than a simple port. The project then went dark.

In its latest Mew-Genics developer update, Team Meat said work on the cat breeding sim has completely taken over the pair's headspace since its inception as a Ludum Dare 24 prototype.

"By week three Mew-Genics had taken the form of a monster mashup of many different game genres with an underlying theme we hadn't seen done in games before, so we decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy and remake Mew-Genics outside of flash, making it our new full time project," Edmund McMillen wrote.

Team Meat's other half Tommy Refenes later confirmed on Twitter that McMillen had been referring to the mobile version, not an unannounced followup.

The indie developer also took the time to announce that Mew-Genics is coming to PC via Steam in addition to iDevice and other still to be revealed platforms.

McMillen also wrote a little about why the project has been so hush-hush, saying at at 18 weeks into development, the pair still have a lot to do and the project is "ballooning bigger and bigger as the days pass by".

"We have been tight lipped about the actual content of the game due to the fact that we are in an active and improvised development head space and dont want to promise features/content that might not make the cut later down the road if the game becomes refocused," he said.

McMillen promised just two more weekly updates before pre-reveal radio silence, and then signed off with this very interesting little tease:

"Tommy and I are starting to discover very odd and awesome in game 'happenings' that go beyond what is programmed," he said. "The game is starting to live, and it's exciting and disturbing at the same time."

Mew-Genics has not been dated, worst luck.

Thanks, GameInformer.

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