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Super Mario Maker Limited Edition, Wii U bundle, Modern Colours Amiibo variant detailed

A new Wii U bundle will grace some PAL territories.


Super Mario Maker will feature in a new Wii U hardware bundle, Nintendo has announced. The pack includes a Wii U deluxe console, a copy of Super Mario Maker and the Classic Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo.

Super Mario Maker itself is also getting a limited edition with the Classic Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo included.

So far only Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo Australia have confirmed the bundle and special edition, leaving both the Americas in the lurch.

Nintendo also announced that the Modern Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo variant will launch towards the end of October - October 23 in Europe and October 24 in Australia.

Here are some pictures of these lovely things. Super Mario Maker launches on September 11 worldwide.







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