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Summoners War Chronicles codes for April 2024

Use these coupons to kickstart your adventures.

Anime artwork for free to play mobile game Summoners War Chronicles showing different characters striking an action pose while wielding weapons or firing magic.
Image credit: Com2uS
16th April 2024: We checked for new Summoners War Chronicles codes.

Summoners War Chronicles is a free-to-play RPG available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. It launched in 2022, and made quite the impression on Steam the following year where at one point it ranked ahead of big name games like Rocket League, Sons of the Forest and Cyberpunk 2077 in the Steam charts.

If you're thinking of jumping into the magical and mystical world of Alea then our list of Summoners War Chronicles codes will help. These coupon codes, which are released regularly, offer a wealth of freebies like Gold and Rune boxes. These items will help power up your summoner so they can take on the game's many monsters, dungeons and raids.

Latest Summoners War Chronicles codes

  • CHROXSLAYERS3: Freebies
  • COLLABTRY21: Freebies
  • COLLABTRY18: Freebies
  • COLLABTRY15: Freebies
  • COLLABTRY12: Freebies
  • IDJAN24CHRO: Freebies
  • 3VS3SEAENTOUR: Freebies
  • 1STASSASSIN: Freebies
  • 20241STBATTLE: Freebies
  • UNICORNFEB2: Freebies
  • NEW2024SWCH: Freebies
  • FASTLVUPUP: Freebies
  • SPECUPUP1: Freebies
  • SPECUPUP2: Freebies
  • HEATH0125UPDATE: Freebies
  • GETHEATHNOW: Freebies
  • THANKS24: Freebies
  • 88SUPERMAN: Freebies
  • 1STARENAC0UP0N: Freebies
  • D0NTL0SE: Freebies
  • SEEY0UNEXT: Freebies
  • W0WCHAMP1ONW0W: Freebies
  • CUNEXTBATTLE: Freebies
  • 1STTEAMBATTLE: Freebies
  • SWCUNCHAINED: Freebies
  • 2024ROADMAP: Freebies
  • CTBID1212: Freebies
  • >MERRYCHRONICLES2023: Freebies
  • FAIRYQUEEN1214: Freebies
  • SWCNEWSYSTEM1130: Freebies
  • MERRYDEC12: Freebies
  • DRAGON1116: Freebies
  • 01UPDATE1102: Freebies
  • 02UPDATE1102: Freebies
  • 03UPDATE1102: Freebies
  • ENJOYNOV11: Freebies
  • 1006UPDATE1: Freebies
  • 1006UPDATE2: Freebies
  • 1006UPDATE3: Freebies
  • OCTOBER10: Freebies
  • 921UPDATE1: Freebies
  • 921UPDATE2: Freebies
  • 921UPDATE3: Freebies
  • 97UPDATE1: Freebies
  • 97UPDATE2: Freebies
  • 97UPDATE3: Freebies
  • SEPTEMBER9: Freebies
  • NEWSUMMONER1: Freebies
  • C0M1NGS00N: Freebies
  • SWCHB1DAY: Freebies
  • 6REATDAY: Freebies
  • ALREADYD5: Freebies
  • THANKS4CP: Freebies
  • B3STALWAYS: Freebies
  • D2HAPPYDAY: Freebies
  • HISOLETAD7: Freebies
  • D5SUMMON: Freebies
  • D3EXPECTED: Freebies
  • D1ARROWD1: Freebies
  • 810SOLETA1: Freebies
  • 810SOLETA2: Freebies
  • SUMMER8AUG: Freebies
  • WHOISNEXT: Freebies
  • DCHAKRAM6: Freebies
  • DANCERDAY5: Freebies
  • READY4UPDATE: Freebies
  • DBOOM3RANG: Freebies
  • WARRIORDAY2: Freebies
  • TWINMONSTER1: Freebies
  • UPDATE0727: Freebies
  • 1UPDATE629: Freebies
  • 2UPDATE629: Freebies
  • 3UPDATE629: Freebies
  • DRAGOND3: Freebies
  • D2KNIGHT: Freebies
  • UPDATED1: Freebies
  • LUCKY7JULY: Freebies
  • CELEBRATE100: Freebies
  • D3TREED3: Freebies
  • HEROESD2: Freebies
  • DFARAKEL1: Freebies
  • 1UPDATE615: Freebies
  • 2UPDATE615: Freebies
  • 3UPDATE615: Freebies
  • TT1SPECIAL: Freebies
  • TT2SPECIAL: Freebies
  • TT3SPECIAL: Freebies
  • TT4SPECIAL: Freebies
  • ENJOY6JUNE: Freebies
  • D1COLLABO: Freebies
  • D5COLLABO: Freebies
  • D4COLLABO: Freebies
  • D3COLLABO: Freebies
  • D2COLLABO: Freebies
  • KALIYAC1: Freebies
  • KALIYAC2: Freebies
  • NEWD3RAID: Freebies
  • TWISTEDD2: Freebies
  • D1KALIYA: Freebies
  • KONTANA520: Freebies
  • CONTANA4U1: Freebies
  • WESUPPORTU2: Freebies
  • 230518S1: Freebies
  • 230518S2: Freebies
  • 230518S3: Freebies
  • NEWUPDATED5: Freebies
  • DADVENTURE4: Freebies
  • D3CONTINENT: Freebies
  • 0504UPDATE: Freebies
  • GALAGOS05: Freebies
  • RUINS1234: Freebies
  • UNDERGROUND: Freebies
  • ENJOYMAY5: Freebies
  • 1PUNCHD02: Freebies
  • ONEPUNCH6: Freebies
  • 1PUNCHMAN: Freebies
  • 0416PUNCH: Freebies
  • 4ZNGMYO3: Freebies
  • KGLO78FO: Freebies
  • KYDH74AW: Freebies
  • 2NPTEYD1: Freebies
  • BMRE90KS: Freebies
  • EDOP75VB: Freebies
  • JPGD68HY: Freebies
  • FBMM88KL: Freebies
  • 6COHPRM5: Freebies
  • 0303PUNCH: Freebies
  • 1PUNCH000: Freebies
  • 1PUNCHD14: Freebies
  • NARAKARAID: Freebies
  • WATERFALLD2: Freebies
  • BOILINGD3: Freebies
  • MRLEEGIFT: Freebies
  • BOSSMETUS: Freebies
  • COMINGD2: Freebies
  • NEWRAIDD3: Freebies
  • 5STARMONS: Freebies
  • Summoners0309: Freebies
  • MonsterUPUP: Freebies
  • MonsterUPUP2: Freebies
  • RUNENSKILL: Freebies
  • GUIDE5FIVE: Freebies
  • RAIDPUSH23: Freebies
  • HNYEAR2023: Freebies
  • WHITERAID: Freebies
  • AKA04NAOMI: Freebies
  • 0111YOURLD: Freebies
  • 01EVOLVE12: Freebies
  • AWAKEN0113: Freebies
  • RAKAJA04: Freebies
  • AKA05CHLOE: Freebies
  • AKA02KONAMIYA: Freebies
  • AKA03ISELIA: Freebies
  • AKA01SHANNON: Freebies
  • THANKFUL4ALL: Freebies
  • EGGNOG16: Freebies
  • GINGERBREAD19: Freebies
  • 0TRACTOR5: Freebies
  • TRYSEAL22: Freebies
  • 2022XMAS: Freebies
  • POWER04UP: Freebies
  • HNY2023SWCH: Freebies
  • HELLO2023: Freebies
  • GUILDRAID01: Freebies
  • ENJOYGALAGOS: Freebies
  • DIANNE06: Freebies
  • HAPPYVDAY0214: Freebies
  • COLLABTU01: Freebies
  • COLLABTO02: Freebies
  • COLLABRI03: Freebies
  • 04COLLABAL: Freebies
  • 05COLLABTOWER: Freebies

How to redeem Summoners War Chronicles codes

Depending on which platform you have, the way you redeem codes for Summoners War Chronicles is different.

Here's our step by step guide for how to redeem codes on different versions:

How to redeem codes on iOS

  1. On the main menu screen click the Settings button in the bottom right corner which appears as a cog.
  2. A second cog button will then pop up in a column alongside it. Click on it.
  3. You will then be taken to the Settings screen where you'll see a box that says "CS Code". Copy this number then head to the Coupon Exchange website.
  4. Enter in your CS Code and the Coupon Code you want to redeem. Then press the "Use Coupon" button.
  5. If the code is active a notification will pop up letting you know the code has gone through.
Image showing the main iOS screen for mobile game Summoners War Chronicles and a white arrow pointing at the settings button.
Image credit: Com2uS

How to redeem codes on Android, PC and Steam

  1. Log into Summoners War Chronicles then choose Menu followed by News, which appears as a megaphone icon.
  2. Press "Coupon Exchange" at the bottom of the News screen.
  3. Then enter the coupon code you want to redeem to claim it.

If the code you entered is active you'll get a notification saying the code has worked. If you get an error message then that means the code is no longer valid. Codes for Summoners War Chronicles are time sensitive so if you see a coupon you like the look of make sure you act fast.

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