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Suicide Squad isn’t even out properly yet, and WB Games has already had to pull it offline

Most of us can't even play it yet and the game is already struggling.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn't out yet for most players, but Warner Bros Games and Rocksteady have already pulled the servers.

Here's an odd one: some players have already started playing Suicide Squad, as for players over in New Zealand it's already January 30, the game's early access release date (it's February 2 for the rest of us). Most people elsewhere in the world won't be able to play it yet, but the official Suicide Squad Twitter account put out a notice earlier today that maintenance is already being performed on the game, meaning that it will be unplayable during that time. The weirdest part? For some, this is causing a bug where players are booting up the game and are being told they've finished the story.

"We’re aware that a number of players are currently experiencing an issue whereby upon logging into the game for the first time, they have full story completion," reads the statement from the Suicide Squad Twitter account. "To resolve this issue, we will be performing maintenance on the game servers. During this time the game will be unavailable. We expect this to take several hours and will update once we have more information. We apologise for the inconvenience."

Obviously, not a great start for a game that notably received a delay of an entire year due to a lukewarm reception to its gameplay reveal, on top of the some very poor recent previews. Thankfully, a post-launch update that will introduce an offline mode is planned to release at some point, though the current release window is sometime in 2024.

With the development period of both Suicide Squad and the upcoming Skull and Bones being quite a rocky one, it does raise the question of whether we're witnessing the end of the live service trend. Suicide Squad is out soon, and Skull and Bones is due for an open beta next month, so perhaps we'll find out the answer to that question soon.

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