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Where to store items in The Outer Worlds

No matter how many pockets there are in your stylish cargo pants, you can only stuff so many flamethrowers in there.

You'll be picking up a lot of clutter in The Outer Worlds, and it's not immediately obvious where you can store any valuable but unused items. While you could sell off unwanted gear and items, you can choose to store them in your ship for use at a later date. Or because you're a magpie who likes shiny objects - we won't judge.

Where to store items in The Outer Worlds

At the start of the game your ship, The Unreliable, might be grounded - but it's not useless. Before you've collected the power regulator to get it working again you might not even see the need to explore the inside.

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However, since you'll be doing quite a lot of adventuring in Edgewater before you reach for the stars, you'll likely fill up your inventory and encounter every RPG player's least favourite word: over-encumbered.

To avoid this, head inside The Unreliable and head up the first flight of stairs in front of you as you come in.

At the top, you'll find the Captain's Quarters, which contains not only Hawthorne's Terminal and a free Sentry Sabre, but a bin where you can store all of the things you don't need right now but want to keep for later.

From here you can strike back out into Terra-2 light as a feather. From there, you can begin tracking down some of The Outer Worlds' most powerful equipment - Science weapons - as well as searching for new Companions to add to your crew.

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